Two years ago they told me: “Tony, forget about social networks. The hottest ones would never return you a single message.”
Luckily for me, they were totally wrong :)

From:Tony Jackson
Last update: Tuesday, May 18 2010

Hello there. Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever been checking out profiles of those DAMN HOT chicks on a social network, and asked yourself: "I wonder WHO is bedding that chick? A rockstar? A millionaire?"

Well here's the secret. I'm that guy.

My name is Tony, and I am no rockstar or millionaire at all.

I make sweet love with the hottest chicks from social networks, while you masturbate watching their photo album called "Beach summer 2014". I shag them in the very same bathrooms and bedrooms where they took all those boner photos of themselves. I enjoy the scent of their tight bodies, while you send them Inbox messages they will never reply to. I am the guy other guys call a "jerk" or a "prick". I may even seduce your mom, if she's got a profile online.

You probably hate me. That's good. Hate is the first step, it is the sign that you are willing to change something in THIS life, and learn from me how to change it. Otherwise, you would have abandoned this site by now, wouldn't you?

That's what I thought. Now.

Go open the profile of the hottest girl you know.
Now open her hottest picture. What do you see?

I don't know about you, but personally I am ashamed to be a member of the human male species, looking at all those desperate comments below her picture. "You are soooo HOTT". "Marry me". "Baby are U real". I see nothing but a bunch of losers sucking harder than a ten star vacuum cleaner.

Let's be honest, you don't want to marry her. You want to have sex with her, right? Actually writing "I want to have sex with you" on her Wall gives you a slightly better chances of seducing her. It's a loser comment as well, but at least you sound like a man rather than a pussycat. No, really, none of these comments would get you into her panties in the next thousand lifetimes.

Asking your loser friends for advice is the common mistake. They would probably tell you some douche advice like "Put a profile picture of yourself in an expensive car" or "Send her a message telling that you are different from those other male bastards". You'll be busted within seconds. Women can smell crap like a domestic fly in a toilet. Cheap tricks simply do not work.

Never ask your loser friends for advice on how to seduce girls on social networks. It would be like asking a street bum for financial advice.

I know all these things, 'cause back in 2003 I've been a desperate loser as well. So I know how you feel right now.

I was a classic douchebag. I had no clue about women, hanged out with a few other losers every other night, sharing pathetic thoughts like "Dude, you have to look like freakin Brad Pitt to get the hottest chicks... Yeah, dude, you're right... let's go get some more beer 'cause we can't do anything about it". Night after night.

I was getting laid with average chicks. Ok... to be honest, they were below average. I slept with leftovers, girls who were either fat or ugly, sometimes even both. One day I got so wasted on a party that I ended up sleeping with a 200 lb. thing we call “warpig”. That was the last drop.

I decided it's time for a CHANGE.

First of all, I cut connections with all the depressive guys who were just keeping me tied to the bottom. I started to hang out with the guys better than me and who wanted to IMPROVE. I decided to get the most beautiful girls or die trying.

I managed to dismiss the fear of approaching girls by going out every single day and every single night, talking to almost every cutie I could lay my eyes on.

I got blown away more than a 1000 times. I got dozens of flake numbers. I got the infamous "Let's just be friends" more times than I can remember it. I got laughed at by a bunch of girls in public places. And guess what?

That is exactly why today I am so succesful with women. I humped so many hot girls it's not even funny. I mean the real, jaw-dropping hotties. Most other guys will see hot girls like that naked only on RedTube.

In fact, right now as I'm writing these lines, my current girlfriend is laying on my bed watching last season of "Game Of Thrones". We've had sex a few hours ago. She looks hotter than most pornstars, has beautiful tight booty, and face to die for. Her skin is so perfect and soft, I looove touching her. Where did I meet her? Facebook. Most guys would literally kill for a girl like that. I know some of you don't believe me, especially if you're not comfortable around beautiful women.

So why seduce girls online rather than in real life?

Years ago, my seduction skills skyrocketed. I was literally surrounded with girls from my "loser days" dreams. I still got blown away from time to time, but the collection of hotties I could call and bang anytime was so huge it could make you cry. Every other guy either hated me or wanted to learn from me. Or both.

There was only one problem. I was a lazy motherfucker. Getting a hottie would require me to get out of the house, go into clubs with annoying loud music and stay awake all night.

Then social networks became a thing. Literally overnight everyone had a profile and I started thinking "Let's see how easy it is for me to pull a chick here". And you know what? It's easier than in real life. If you know how to use it to your advantage.

With social networks, we got our magic pill. It’s a one way ticket to paradise. To this day, whenever I bang a new beauty from Facebook I think “Thank you, thank you Mark Zuckerberg!”.

I wish I've had a book like this when I started. It would have saved me YEARS of pain and frustration.

You know what is the best feeling in the world? Read this:

I have one fantasy that I love to fulfill with hotties I seduce from social networks. And once you master the skills from my book, I am sure you will feel like a king doing this, too.

And the scenario I love to do with girls is the following:

I select one picture from the girl's profile, usually picture where she's posing slutty on her bed. This picture always has a hundred or more "likes" and is full of horny dogs' loser comments such as "Marry me" and "Wow you're so hot".

Then I tell my girl to get into that same room, on that same bed. I tell her to wear the exact same bra, skirt, socks and shoes that she wore in that picture.

Then I have sex with her like crazy. And while doing that, I think of all those losers who left their desperate comments. I can feel the accumulated energy of hundreds of horny guys masturbating while imagining the very same scene I am actually living right now. For real.

Now that is the best feeling you will ever expirience. Trust me on that. If you apply at least 50% of the things in my book, the same thing will happen to you.
I want you to feel the same, that's why I wrote these 338 pages of instructions, and spent six months writing it.

So what are you going to learn from my book?

The Attitude and the Mindset

Most guys have a wrong belief that having a good profile picture and knowing what "lines" to say while chatting is the only key to success. So, the very first part of my course is about attitude change. I am sure you are smart and interesting, but that all doesn't count without the proper attitude towards women and life in general.

You might think your attitude does not need corrections, but trust me - if it were the case, right now you would be nailing the girl with the most likes and you'd have no reason to be on this website.

I will teach you how to gain confidence, stop whining like a pussy, and how to realize that you actually DESERVE all those fine ladies from the social network universe.

You will learn how to stop chasing them and make them go after you instead, sending you messages and liking your pictures. Even the hottest ones. Right now you probably think that's impossible, so just relax and see for yourself.

How to setup your profile for success

Your profile is the "first impression". I will show you how to select the right profile picture, how to fill in the info, relationship status, interests and pages that you like. You will learn what kind of pictures should you put in your albums, and what kind of statuses and links should you post. You will learn how to get plenty of likes and comments from hot chicks, which is very important when a new girl analyses your profile.

With these guidelines, you will be light years ahead of other guys, and hot chicks will gladly accept your friend requests and answer your messages.

How to analyze her profile

This is where most guys fail miserably. In fact, an entire book could be written on this subject alone.

Most people say "On social networks everybody is trying to appear better than in real life, so you cannot judge a person by its profile". I laugh at that prejudice, because the real truth is opposite: THERE IS NO better way to find out everything about person's weaknesses, fears or hidden desires than to analyze her profile.

With her statuses, comments she wrote, links she posted, pages she liked, girls are literally giving you the user manual on how to seduce them. I mastered this to perfection, 15 minutes of analysis and I know exactly what kind of techniques to apply on her. In the "old days", it could take me up to seven days until I realize what kind of person a girl REALLY is. Nowadays, it's a piece of cake.

Starting a conversation

The best way to start a conversation is to send her a message "Hi, what's your phone number, you are beautiful". No, that's actually the worst :)

In this chapter, I am going to teach you how to initiate the conversation and to actually get a REPLY from her. Even better: making her starting the conversation with you. You may think it's impossible, but hot girls DO initiate chats with guys. And YOU will be that guy, after mastering the tactics from this chapter.

Leading the conversation

This is actually more difficult than starting the communication. You will soon realize - getting a girl with 10.000 likes to talk to you is easy, and even a beginner learns this fast. But after a few of female tests, most guys fail miserably. I am going to teach you how to survive all their endurance tests and to make a girl try to impress YOU, for a change.

You will develop an internal radar to catch even the tinyest variations in her emotions. This is quite a scarcity among males today, and you will be way ahead of the competition.

From Facebook to your bedroom

This is what you crave for, you pervert? This is why you're reading this page. Listen, getting her into bed is easy, so easy you would laugh at yourself for not learning these methods earlier. Once you master the techniques from previous chapters, everything should go smooth. I am going to show you how to lead her outside social networks to real life meeting and have sex afterwards.

You will learn how to get her to trust you. The news is always filled with stories about creepy guys from the Internet, so in this phase the focus is on trust. She is already attracted to you, she only needs a solid proof you are normal in order to meet you and probably fall in love with you.

Guys, stop wasting your time messaging, liking and friend requesting hot chicks like all other losers do. Start applying my methods TODAY and soon you will be surrounded with more hotties than Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods combined

Guys, let's face the truth: Everyone's on social media today. Even my ol' granma Emily and her cat Prince have a profile. So, all the hottest girls are also there, and SOMEONE must get them. Why wouldn't you be that one? It's easy, I mean once you discover the "Matrix" reading my book, and once you apply it in reality, you would be surprised how easy it is. For the last five years, I've been having so many women around that I can't remember the names of most of them.

You don't need my book. You could probably discover all these secrets sooner or later by yourself, but frankly, it would take years to do it. In fact, I am a bit jealous of you. I am jealous 'cause you will read my book and get all this knowledge in one shot, pieces of knowledge that took me years to collect and put together into one big picture. I'm not talking about social network seduction only, I mean all the secrets of seducing girls in general, which are an integral part of the book.

Guys, if there's only one book you should read for the rest of your life, this is the one!

The book has 338 pages of online seduction instructions!

This is an ebook in PDF format and it is available within minutes! It requires only Adobe Reader to open. You will get the download link in your email and you can start reading it right away! (Plus you get the bonus book called "Sneaky Tactics" for FREE - continue reading for details). That's the advantage of an e-book - no creepy looks from your local bookshop clerk. Btw. you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card so privacy is guaran-fuckin'-teed!

The price of the book is $47, and I think it's a bargain knowing that this book actually improves your LIFE. The only one you have. Knowing what I know today, three years ago, I would have paid even a thousand bucks to get this information. The instructions from this book are a million times more valuable than a new pair of shoes, or some gadget, or whatever you've spent your dollars on recently. They will enable you to finally hump the hottest girls, those you deserve to have, and those who you've been dreaming about.

You see, there is nothing better in this life than having a 20 year old tight hottie with a face of an angel pushing her body against yours and looking you straight in the eyes. No car or gadget can be as valuable as that. That's why I think my book is PRICELESS. Really. Once you become a master and can pull and bang almost any hottie you find online, what else in life do you need? Me - nothing. I am so calm and happy that I feel like Dalai Lama on meth. I have no worries. And I want you to feel the same.

I am so confident that you'll change your life with this book, that I'm ready to give a full refund to any one of you who doesn't find it useful within 60 days. Just send me an email and I will return your money without any questions at all.


If the girls do not react to the techniques from my course, then they are deaf and blind!

The only way this course may not work for you is if you fail to apply any of it in practice!

This is a 100% money back guarantee, from me, Tony!


Free Bonus 1:
Tony's Sneaky Tactics

This special, additional method is so sneaky and manipulative that some may call it "evil". It's so powerful that I've had some serious doubts whether to release it to the general public or to keep it for me and my friends.

All you guys who purchase my book right now will get this precious bonus. This sneaky method is so effective you will want to name your first born son Tony!

Remember, it is FREE if you buy the original book.


Guys, enough talk! Download the book right now, and finally start being a guy that every girl wants!

Yours sincerely,



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